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Raya Sunova Champion Queen Siberian

Raya recently won the title of Champion in April 2023 from the Cat Fancier's Association for best of breed. She is a brown patch tabby with hints of red with white. Her coat is extremely soft but where she shines is her personality. Her temperament is very social and loving and she demands attention from everyone. 

Raya Sunova Siberian Cat

Amaris meaning "Moonchild" in Irish is our classic silver tabby. She is from ForestStar. She is carefree like the wind, curious, with high energy. Nothing ruffles this lady's fur. When you don't see her zipping through the kitchen she loves to be held and has watched me cook for hours in my arms. She has a very adventurous spirit and is incredibly agile. Silvers are dominant coat colors. She will be breeding Summer 2024. Email me to get on the waitlist as silvers are in high demand. 

Fayra saphira
Fayra is our queen in training. She is from ForestStar. She's a patched mackerel tabby with white. Fayra will start breeding in 2025 as she serves as our primary therapy cat. She loves to be held and is very soft. Fayra prefers the company of humans and her love language is touch. She follows us like a dog, is incredibly loyal and is as beautiful as she is friendly.


Akay Phantom Sunova
Akay is a blue-spotted tabby, he's extremely social and loving and demands attention. He likes to curl up in our arms and fall asleep. He loves walking on the leash outside and taking trips to the store to meet new people! You can see videos of him sitting like a human living the good life on our social media. He is a very dense cat at around 16lbs. We showed him at the TICA Annual show in September in Tacoma, WA. He used to live in the Czech Republic before he came to us. 

Aidoneus A. Arione
Aidoneus is a smoke classic tabby born on Christmas day! He's very affectionate and sports a luxurious colored coat and personality with piercing eyes.  He is in training and will begin breeding in 2025 after he passes his health screenings. He's from the Arione cattery in Czech Republic.

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