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Please email Brooke at to inquire about litter dates and join the waiting list!  Please keep in mind our waitlist ranges from 6 months to 12 months depending on client preferences. First, we will have you complete a kitten questionnaire to ensure proper placement with your family. If we believe you can provide a forever home for a kitten, we'll contact you.

We then require a $100 non-refundable waitlist deposit that goes towards the total adoption fee of the kitten. This is transferrable to future litters until your family finds a suitable kitten. 


If you want to move forward with a specific kitten we send you a contract and require a reservation deposit. The majority of the adoption fee is paid at the time of kitten pick-up. Our adoption fee is mid-range for a Siberian purebred, we consider our prices fair since we do not breed in volume and provide the best health care and early socialization for your companion. We are breeding cats that can become Emotional Support Animals and thus training is very important to us. Adoption fees are disclosed when you submit a Kitten Inquiry Form. 


Kittens go home around 12-14 weeks after they get their age-appropriate vaccines, microchipped, and dewormed. We will provide you with their vaccination schedules, deworming history, microchip number, CFA/TICA registration, and genetic reports from the parents for congenital diseases. We work closely with Klahaya Animal Hospital in Snohomish, WA.

Buyers are responsible for the transportation and delivery costs of the kittens. We can bring the kitten to you at Sea-Tac or Paine Field airports in Washington. 

We're a small cattery meaning we only raise 3-4 litters a year as we don't believe in overcrowding or overbreeding. We only like to have one litter at a time so we can properly socialize them. All our kittens are hand-raised and socialized with love and care with our family. We know every kitten's personality and quirks before they go to their forever homes. Early socialization is very important to us and positive reinforcement of good behaviors is encouraged in our household. Every kitten gets 1:1 training and attention based off of their personalities. What sets us apart from other catteries if the immediate medical and behavioral interventions we provide to our kittens to ensure social and loving personalities with optimal health. Queens are cared for exceptionally well in the post-partum period as we take care of their mental and physical health. 

Spay/Neuter: We do not spay or neuter our kittens prior to them coming home with you. Common practice in Washington state and with our vet is to wait until six months or at your veterinarian's discretion. Studies shows this helps with brain, muscle, and organ development. 

Allergy Testing: We can ship you a t-shirt or fur sample of the mother cat for a minimal fee. We do not recommend Siberians to anyone with severe asthma exacerbations that have included a past medical history of croup or hospitalization. Mild to moderate allergy sufferers do the best after the 90 day acclimation period is over. We can help consult if this breed would be a good fit for your family since we work in the medical field.

Sunova Siberians conducts business with legally binding contracts that ensure the health and purebred pedigree of the kittens registered with CFA/TICA.


Breeding: We do collaborate with other breeders with required documentation and are open to trading kittens to promote genetic diversity and healthy bloodlines



Seluna - Retained for Breeding





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