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The Owners

Brooke and Aleksey have always had a love for animals with a close connection to cats specifically. They owned their first Siberian seven years ago and fell in love with the social breed. Aleksey suffers from cat allergies which is what prompted them to research cat breeds that were low-allergen that he could tolerate. They breed quality litters throughout the year to ensure their cats' health stay in optimal condition. Brooke uses her medical background to ensure excellent nutrition and with no congenital illnesses in their cattery. 

Sunova Siberian's Vision

Health and wellness are the primary goals for our cats at our cattery. We ensure this by meticulously researching the pedigrees of our queens and kings prior to breeding. Genetic mutations are more common in kittens when the parents are closely related. Besides thorough pedigree reviews, we also do a test called Optimal Selection which checks for phenotypes and congenital conditions that may be passed onto the kittens. We want our cats to have long healthy lives with lots of love. This also means that we are not constantly breeding our queens. Off-seasons are important as we replenish them with love and nutrition. Food recommendations and supplements will be advised upon at the time of purchase with plenty of client education to keep your Siberian in great health. 


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